Land Rovers form a big part of my life.Once upon a time I used to work for Land Rover as a design engineer.These times are gone for now, but one thing that still remains is the love for Land Rovers.That is why I currently own three Series III.

If you have been following this page, you will know of the following ones:

'Shorty' is an R-reg 2.25l Petrol SWB with canvas top.

'Peacock' is an L-reg 3.34l Perkins-Diesel LWB Safari.

'Fatty' is a Y-reg 2.25l Diesel LWB van.

For some time, I was working on project 'Heinz'. Heinz is the offspring of Peacock and Fatty. Heinz uses the power- and drivetrain from Peacock and the body from Fatty. And one fine day, Heinz will hopefully become a Dormobile-conversion.

Peacock and Fatty have been broken for the parts, Heinz uses the registration from Peacock to live on, Fatty has been scrapped.

Heinz is now ready to roll, to get the number of whole vehicles back to three, I acquired 'George'.

George is an Ex-military 2.25l Petrol Lightweight.